CNC Machining
Machining refers to the use of high-speed steel or tungsten steel cutting tools for milling, cutting and drilling. Machine spindle speeds of up to 12,000 ~~ 24,000 RPM. Dragontech utilizes many 4-axes CNC machines in order to facilitate the machining of complex workpieces and decrease the machining fixtures needed, as well as the number of work stations.
This methodolgy also improves the accuracy of the finished product. Since 2006, Dragontech has purchased 500 sets of multifunctional CNC machines to increase the ability to compete.

CNC Machine
  • CNC Machine (45T)
  • 55 sets
  • Lathe Machine (80T)
  • 19 sets
  • DMG NVD 4000 DCG (80T)
  • 1 sets